IR sensor Obstacle Avoidance Infrared Reflection Photoelectric Sensor Module Infrared Sensor
Product description The project has been regarded as clearing stock sale,and the price is lowest. If you need it, you can choose to buy more. this price only have 5 days Discount ,10PCS FOR 1 Module Description The sensor module...
XH-W3002 DC 24V 10A Microcomputer Digital Temperature Controller Digital Display Thermostat Control Switch and NTC 10K Thermistor Sensors Digital Temperature Probe (24V 240W)
Super material: W3002 intelligent thermostat, a variety of fields perfect use, convenient operation and practical Settings, is your side temperature control housekeeper. Package including: 1 Pack of W3002 intelligent thermosta module, which is equipped with 1pcs NTC 10K temperature probe. The NTC...
XH-W3001 DC 110V-220V 1500W 10A Microcomputer Digital Temperature Controller Digital Display Thermostat Control Switch and NTC 10K Thermistor Sensors Digital Temperature Probe
Super material: W3001 intelligent thermostat is an independent product, 1.8mm thick ABS flame retardant shell, a variety of fields perfect use, convenient operation and practical Settings, is your side temperature control housekeeper. Package including: 1 Pack of W3001 intelligent thermosta module, which...
RFID Kit - Mifare RC522 RF IC Card Sensor Module + S50 Blank Card + Key Ring for Arduino Raspberry Pi
Product description RC522 chip1. MFRC522 is a highly integrated read and write chip which is applicable to 13.56MHz contactless communications.2. It is a non-contact read and writer card chip, low voltage, low cost and small size, is a better choice...
MQ-2 Gas Sensor Detection Module for Arduino Raspberry Pi
Specifications:Model: MQ-2.Chip: LM393, ZYMQ-2 Gas Sensors.Working Voltage: 5V DC.Current: 150 mA.Pin Definition: 1-Output, 2-GND, 3-VCC.Dual Signal output: Analog output and TTL level output.DO Output: TTL digital quantity 0 and 1 (0.1 and 5V).AO output: 0.1-0.3v (relatively pollution-free), the highest concentration...
High Sensitivity Sound Microphone Sensor Detection Module for Arduino AVR PIC
Description:1. Can detect ambient sound intensity, the use of note: the sensor can only identify the presence of (according to the principle of vibration) of sound does not recognize the sound or the size of the particular frequency of sound.2....
Speed Measuring Sensor LM393 Speed Measuring Module Tacho Sensor Slot Type IR Optocoupler for MCU RPI Arduino DIY Kit with Encoder
Description:Features:1, the use of imported groove coupler sensor, slot width 5mm.2, output status indicator lamp output high, output low lights.3, block, output high; no shelter, output low.4, the comparator output signal clean, good waveform, driving ability, than 15mA.5, the working...
DHT11 Temperature Humidity Sensor Module Digital Temperature Humidity Sensor 3.3V-5V Humidity Measure Range 20%-95% Temperature Measure
Instruction:This sensor module utilizes DHT11 as the sensitive component and has a bypass capacitor and a pull-up resistor on-board. The DHT11 is a pre-calibrated digital output temperature and humidity sensor. The single-wire wiring scheme makes it easy to be integrated...
YF-S201 G1/2" Water Flow Sensor Meter Fluid Hall Sensor Flowmeter Counter Transparent 1-30l/min /
Specifications YF-S201 G1/2" Water Flow Sensor Meter Fluid Hall Sensor Flowmeter Counter 1-30L/min Transparent Description: External threads: 1/2"temperature: -25~+80 Allowing pressure: pressure 1.75MpaOperating humidity range: 35%~90%RH (no frost)Use temperature: 80Load capacity: 10 mA (DC 5V)Working voltage range: DC 5~18 vMaximum...
Soil Hygrometer Humidity Detection Module Moisture Water Sensor soil sensor
Soil Hygrometer Humidity Detection Module Moisture Water Sensor Supply voltage 3.3V or 5V Working current Less than 20 Ma Output voltage 0-2.3V VCC External 3.3~5V GND External GND DO Small plate digital output interface (0 and 1) Application DIY Project...
GY-521 MPU-6050 MPU6050 3 Axis Accelerometer Gyroscope Module 6 DOF 6-axis Accelerometer Gyroscope Sensor Module 16 Bit AD Converter for Arduino
The latest MPU 6050 6000 6 axis gyro accelerometer module Module USES chip: mpu6050 import original chipsMPU - 6000, the world's first integrated mpu6050 for module 3 axis gyroscope, 3 axis accelerator poseMPU - 6000 is the world's first integrated 6 axis motion processing components, compared to many components, from the combination between the axis of gyroscope and accelerator bad problem, reduce the size of a large number of packaging.MPU - 6000 integrated the three axis of gyroscope, three axis accelerator, and can be connected by a second I2C ports of other labels of the accelerator, magnetic sensors, or other Digital Motion sensor processing (DMP: Digital Motion Processor) hardware acceleration engine, the main I2C port in the form of a single data flow, output to the application of the full 9 shaft fusion technology of calculusCompany processing database, can handle complex movement test data, reduces the movement of dealing with the operation of the operating system loads, and provide a framework for application development API.MPU - 6000 the angular velocity of the sensing range is + 250, + 500, + 500 to + 2000 ° / SEC (DPS), can be accurate after fast and slow movement, and user programmable control of accelerator is the sensing range of plus or minus 2 g, plus or minus 4 g + 8 g and 16 g +.Transmission of product can be through the I2C of up to 400 KHZ or up to 20 MHZ of SPI.MPU - 6000 can be work under different voltage, VDD voltage 2.5 V + / - 5%, 3.0 V + / - 5%, or 3.3 V + / - 5%, logical interface VVDIO power supply of 1.8 V + / - 5%.MPU - 6000 packing size 4 x4x0. 9 mm (QFN), is the size of the revolutionary in the industry.Other features include a built-in temperature sensor, included in the operating environment only oscillator of plus or minus 1% change.applicationSporty test gameAugmented realityElectronic Image (EIS: Electronic Image Stabilization)Optical Image (OIS: Optical Image Stabilization)Pedestrians navigatorZero touch gestures user interfacePosture shortcutcertificationmarketIntelligent mobile phoneTablet devicesHandheld game productsconsole3 d remote controlPortable navigation devicesCharacteristics of theWith digital output shaft six or nine axis rotation matrix, quaternion (quaternion and Euler Angle format (Euler Angle forma) of the data fusion algorithms.Has 131 LSBs / ° / SEC sensitivity and full sensing range is + 250, + 500, + 1000 to + 2000 ° / SEC 3 shaft angular velocity sensors (gyro).Programmable control, and the program control range of plus or minus 2 g, plus or minus 4 g, plus or minus 8 g and 16 g + 3 axis accelerator.Removal of accelerator and gyro axis between sensitivity, reduces the set given and the influence of sensor drift.Digital Motion Processing (DMP: Digital Motion Processing) engine can reduce the complex data fusion algorithms, sensor synchronization, such as position sensor of the load.Movement?Xing  Song anno  ndroid, Linux and WindowsThe operation of the built-in time deviation and magnetic sensor calibration calculation technology, be exempted from the requirements of the customer shall be in addition to correction.With digital temperature sensor outputIn synchronous digital input pin (Sync pin) support video electronic shadow phase stability and GPSProgrammable control is interrupted (interrupt) support gesture recognition, pan, zoom in close, rolling, rapid decline in interrupts, the high - G, zero motionThe VDD voltage of 2.5 V + / - 5%, 3.0 V + / - 5%, 3.3 V + / - 5%;VDDIO 1.8 V + / - 5%Gyroscope operate current: 5 ma, gyroscope on standby current: 5 mu A;Current accelerator operation: 350 mu A, current accelerator power saving mode: 20 mu A @ 10 hzUp to 400 KHZ fast mode of I2C, or up to 20 MHZ SPI serial host interface (serial host interface)Built-in frequency generator in all temperature range (full temperature range) only plus or minus 1% frequency change.The user test in person10000 g tolerance of collisionFor the portable product's smallest and tailored thin packaging (4 x4x0. 9 mm QFN)In accordance with RoHS and environmental standards
ACS712 Hall Effect Current Sensor Module 30A Range ACS712 Module Voltage Sensor Module DC0-25V Voltage Tester Terminal Sensor for Arduino
Product description Color:30A Features:Chip: ACS712ELC-30ASupply power: 5VMeasuring range: 30AAnalog output: 600 mv/AWhen there is no the detection current through, the output voltage is VCC / 2PCB board dimension:31x13mm
hc-06 HC 06 RF Wireless wireless Bluetooth Module Transceiver Slave Module RS232 / TTL to UART converter and adapter
1.The BT06 BT module is designed for intelligent wireless data transmission and follows BT V2.1specification.  2.The module supports UART interface and supports SPP BT serial protocol.  3.This module is mainly used in the field of short-range wireless data transmission.  4.It...
Ultrasonic Sensor US-100 Distance Measuring Module with Temperature Compensation, Distance Sensor for Arduino Robot
Great Sensors for Arduino Project. Having Fun With Electronics and Programming!Module Working Principle:The US-100 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Module operates from a wide voltage range and provides both digital and serial data output modes.The US-100 features accurate temperature corrected range detection....
GY-291 ADXL345 digital three-axis acceleration of gravity tilt module IIC/SPI transmission
GY-291 GY-291 ADXL345 digital three-axis acceleration of gravity tilt module IIC/SPI transmission In stock Part Number GY-291 Using the chip: ADXL345Power supply :3-5vMeans of communication: IIC / SPI communication protocolMeasuring range: ± 2g ± 16gSchematics, data, manuals and reference documentation51,...
ESM-YF-S201C High-precision milk flow monitoring sensor, Hall flowmeter
ESM-YF-S201C High-precision milk flow monitoring sensor, Hall flowmeter  Features: The product is light and flexible in appearance, small in size and easy to install.The inside of the impeller is set with stainless steel beads and is always wear-resistant.Line and isolation...
M18*1 diffuse type NPN NO dc Proximity sensor E3F - DS30P1 PNP
[product name]: photoelectric switch [size]: 18mm [detection mode]: diffuse reflection type [detection range]: 30cm [work voltage]: 6-36V DC [output form]: three line type       Diffuse reflection type photoelectric switch is made up of light projector and light receptor, which...
HC-SR04 to world Ultrasonic Wave Detector Ranging Module HC SR04 HCSR04 Distance Sensor for arduino
 1, The performance of this module is stable and precise measure of distance. And comparable foreign SRF05, SRF02 Ultrasonic Ranging Module. Module precision, blind spots (2cm) super close, stable distance measurement is strong based on this product successfully to market!...
TCRT5000L TCRT5000 Reflective Optical Sensor Infrared IR Photoelectric Switch
Product description Compact construction, sense the presence of an object by using the reflective IR beam from the object.Consists of a phototransistor. Snap-in construction for PCB mounting.Plastic polycarbonate housing construction which prevents crosstalk. Position sensor for shaft encoder.Detection of reflective...
5516 Photoresistor LDR CDS 5mm Light-Dependent Resistor Sensor
Specification:Product Name:PhotoresistorMaterials:Metal, Electric PartsWeight:2gLDR Head Dia:5mmMaximum Voltage: 150 Volt DCMaximum Wattage: 100mWOperating Temperature: -30 ~ +70 deg CSpectral Peak: 540nmModel:5516Light Resistance (10 Lux): 5-10 KohmDark Resistance: 0.5 Mohm100?10: 0.6Response time: 20ms (Rise), 30ms (Down)Package Content:4Pcs x PhotoresistorDescriptions:Light-dependent resistors or photoresistors are...
Stainless Steel Package Waterproof Temperature Probe DS18B20 Digital Temperature Sensor Wires DS1820 for Arduino
Length of Cable : 100CM , 200CM , 300CMSize of Stainless steel sheath:6*50mmPower supply range: 3.0V to 5.5VOperating temperature range:-55°C to +125°C (-67°F to +257°F)Storage temperature range:-55°C to +125°C (-67°F to +257°F)Accuracy over the range of -10°C to +85°C: ±0.5°C.Output...
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