UNO R3 Board ATmega328P with USB Cable for Arduino
Technical Specifications Microcontroller: ATmega328Operating Voltage: V5Input Voltage (recommended): 7-12VInput Voltage (limits): 6-20VDigital IO Pins: 4 (of which 6 provide PWM output)Analog Input Pins: 6DC Current per IO Pin: 40mADC Current for 3.3V Pin: 50mAFlash Memory: 32 KB (ATmega328) of which...
Micro Classic Mini Steering Gear 1.6KG Servo SG90 9g Motor For RC 450 Helicopter Car Boat Planes Fixed Wing Aircraft
Specification Model: SG90 Weight: 9g No load speed: 0.12 seconds /60 degrees (4.8V) Twist torque: 1.2-1.4 kg / cm (4.8V) Use temperature: -30~~+60 degrees centigrade Dead zone setting: 7 microseconds Working voltage: 4.8V-6V The control of the steering gear generally...
IR sensor Obstacle Avoidance Infrared Reflection Photoelectric Sensor Module Infrared Sensor
Product description The project has been regarded as clearing stock sale,and the price is lowest. If you need it, you can choose to buy more. this price only have 5 days Discount ,10PCS FOR 1 Module Description The sensor module...
1602 16 X 2 16x2 Character Digital LCD Module Board Blue Backlight Display IIC I2C TWI SPI Serial Interface 5V For Arduino
SKU: 030007LA Description: It is another great Yellow backlight LCD display. As the pin resources of Ard uino controller is limited, your project may be not able to use normal LCD shield after connected with a certain quantity of sensors or...
Dupont Jumper wire 2.54mm 40P 20CM Male to Male + Female to Male + Female to Female Dupont Copper Cable For DIY & Arduino
Dupont Jumper wire 20CM Male to Male + Female to Male + Female to Female Jumper Wire Dupont Cable for arduino DIY KIT2.54mm 40pin Specifications are optional,Please let us know the specifications you need before purchasing.Female to Female/M
Ultrasonic Sensor US-100 Distance Measuring Module with Temperature Compensation, Distance Sensor for Arduino Robot
Great Sensors for Arduino Project. Having Fun With Electronics and Programming!Module Working Principle:The US-100 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Module operates from a wide voltage range and provides both digital and serial data output modes.The US-100 features accurate temperature corrected range detection....
Speed Measuring Sensor LM393 Speed Measuring Module Tacho Sensor Slot Type IR Optocoupler for MCU RPI Arduino DIY Kit with Encoder
Description:Features:1, the use of imported groove coupler sensor, slot width 5mm.2, output status indicator lamp output high, output low lights.3, block, output high; no shelter, output low.4, the comparator output signal clean, good waveform, driving ability, than 15mA.5, the working...
Soil Hygrometer Humidity Detection Module Moisture Water Sensor soil sensor
Soil Hygrometer Humidity Detection Module Moisture Water Sensor Supply voltage 3.3V or 5V Working current Less than 20 Ma Output voltage 0-2.3V VCC External 3.3~5V GND External GND DO Small plate digital output interface (0 and 1) Application DIY Project...
Power Supply Module, Jumper Wire, Precision Potentiometer, 830 tie-Points Breadboard Compatible with Arduino, STM32
Components description 74HC595 At sometime or another you may run out of pins on your UNO board and need to extend it with shift registers. This example is based on the 74HC595. The datasheet refers to the 74HC595 as an...
Power Supply 2 Channel 3.3V 5V XD-42 Breadboard Power Supply Module For MB-102 & Mini Breadboard
Power Supply 2 Channel 3.3V 5V XD-42 Breadboard Power Supply Module for MB-102 & Mini Breadboard  Recessed design, save more space for bread boardUpgraded K2 5 Volts & 3.5 Volts Power Supply.Can be powered via USB power and DC power2...
Mitoot Classic Servos Micro MG90S 9g Metal Gear Digital Servo SG90 For RC Helicopter Boat Car Planes Aircraft MG90
Product Model: MG90S All metal gear!Working torque: 2KG/cmReaction speed: 0.11 seconds / 60 degrees (4.8VOperating temperature: 0 -55The dead band setting: 5 microsecondsPlug Type: JR, FUTABA GeneralRotation angle: 180 degreesServo: analog ServoOperating voltage: 4.8VStructural Material: copper metal teeth, coreless motor,...
Micro DC 3V 5V 6V Submersible Pump Mini water pump For Fountain Garden Mini water circulation
Micro DC 3V 5V 6V Submersible Pump Mini water pump For Fountain Garden Mini water circulationThe new stores Miniature Mute Submersible Pump, cooling water circulation can be used to computer or other places water circulation.Mobile phone charger or USB power...
MFRC-522 RC522 RFID NFC Reader RF IC Card Inductive Sensor Module For Arduino Module
Product Description Description:Current :13-26mA / DC 3.3VIdle Current :10-13mA / DC 3.3VSleep current: <80uAPeak current: <30mAOperating Frequency: 13.56MHzSupported card types: S50, S70, UltraLight, Pro, DesfireProduct Physical Characteristics: Dimensions: 40mm × 60mmEnvironmental Operating temperature: -20-80 degrees CelsiusEnvironment Storage temperature: -40-85 degrees...
hc-06 HC 06 RF Wireless wireless Bluetooth Module Transceiver Slave Module RS232 / TTL to UART converter and adapter
1.The BT06 BT module is designed for intelligent wireless data transmission and follows BT V2.1specification.  2.The module supports UART interface and supports SPP BT serial protocol.  3.This module is mainly used in the field of short-range wireless data transmission.  4.It...
Double Sided PCB Board Prototype Kit for DIY Soldering Compatible with Arduino Kits 3 x 7
Product Description Robotcube 3*7 cm Universal PCB Prototype Board Double-Sided   About Robotcube:We are professional manufacturer and exporter that is mainly engaged in research and development, production and sales of adruino, 3d printers, raspberry pi and other electronic components. We...
Breadboard Power Supply Module 3.3V/5V for Arduino Board Solderless Breadboard
Product Description Input voltage  M6.5-12V ( DC ) or USB powered Output voltage  3.3V, 5V switchable Description:Suitable for MB102 BreadboardInput voltage : 6.5-12V ( DC ) or USB poweredOutput voltage : 3.3V, 5V switchableMaximum output current : \u003c700maTwo down two...
Arduino Uno Complete Starter Kit
UNO Starter kit includes: 1pcs Two Layer Storage Box, size 23.4*16.8*6.2cm1pcs KUONGSHUN UNO R31pcs 1.64FT USB Cable 0.5m1pcs LCD1602 Blue Backlight with Soldering1pcs 1pcs Servo SG90 9g 180 Degree1pcs 830 Ponits Soldless Breadboard1pcs ULN2003 Driver Board Stepper Motor Green1pcs Black...
830 Point Solderless Prototype PCB Board MB-102 breadboard
One terminal: 630 socket Two distribution: 200 socket Size: 5.6 *16.5 *0.85cm Phosphor bronze, nickel plating spring clip Matching jumper wire, wire diameter 0.8 mm Plastic parts: ABS. Application: experiment and test
37pcs Sensor Starters Kit For Arduino
Arduino Sensors List:   High Quality Retail Box   Module Introduction Paper   Tutorial CD    PS2 Game Joystick Module   Infrared Receiver Module   Laser Sensor Module   DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module   Infrared Transmit Sensor Module   ...
MQ-2 Gas Sensor Detection Module for Arduino Raspberry Pi
Specifications:Model: MQ-2.Chip: LM393, ZYMQ-2 Gas Sensors.Working Voltage: 5V DC.Current: 150 mA.Pin Definition: 1-Output, 2-GND, 3-VCC.Dual Signal output: Analog output and TTL level output.DO Output: TTL digital quantity 0 and 1 (0.1 and 5V).AO output: 0.1-0.3v (relatively pollution-free), the highest concentration...
High Sensitivity Sound Microphone Sensor Detection Module for Arduino AVR PIC
Description:1. Can detect ambient sound intensity, the use of note: the sensor can only identify the presence of (according to the principle of vibration) of sound does not recognize the sound or the size of the particular frequency of sound.2....
Game Joystick Sensor Game Controller Sensor JoyStick Breakout Module for Arduino PS2 Raspberry Pi
Product Description:Two-axis pushbutton rocker sensor module by joystick potentiometer with (X, Y) 2 axis analog output, (Z) 1 button digital output. With the sensor expansion board can be produced such as remote control interactive works. In addition, this product in...
ESP8266 ESP-12E Development Board WiFi WLAN Wireless Module CP2102 for NodeMCU for ESP-12E for Arduino Wifi Module
Product description Parameters:Support wireless 802.11b/g/n standardSupport three working modes of STA/AP/STA+APBuilt-in TCP/IP protocol stack, supports multiple TCP Client connections (5MAX)D0~D8, SD1~SD3: used as GPIO, PWM, I2C, etc., port drive capability 15mAAD0: 1 channel ADCPower input: 4.5V~7V, support USB power supplyWorking...
RFID Kit - Mifare RC522 RF IC Card Sensor Module + S50 Blank Card + Key Ring for Arduino Raspberry Pi
Product description RC522 chip1. MFRC522 is a highly integrated read and write chip which is applicable to 13.56MHz contactless communications.2. It is a non-contact read and writer card chip, low voltage, low cost and small size, is a better choice...

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