Cable Tester RJ45 RJ11 Cable Tracker Line Finder Multifunction Wire Tracker Ethernet LAN Network Cat5 Cat6 with Headphone for Cable Collation
Cable Tracing Multifunction: Quick to locate the breaking point without damage to the cable sheath, find the cable in all types of operating connected Ethernet switch / router / PC terminal. Perfect for monitoring RJ11, RJ45, cables or other metal cables...
UNI-T UT300S Non-Contact IR Infrared Thermometer Digital Laser Temperature Gun -25.6 ° F to 752 ° F (-25.6 ° F to 752.0 ° F) with LCD Display
Sure. No contact. 12: 1 D: S (distance to point). The UT300S laser grip measures accurately at a safer distance, especially above the boiling point and below the freezing points. Single point laser tip. Instant and accurate. Measures from -25.6 ° F to 752 °...
UNI-T UT202+ Portable Multimeter Automatic Range True RMS Clamp Meter with LCD Display
UT200+ series handheld automatic range true RMS clamp meter, designed according to safety standard EN61010-2010 CAT II600V/CAT III 300V grade, with full-function gear anti-burn protection, can meet high reliability and high safety operation requirements; It includes basic functions of electrical...
FTTH Fiber Optic Tool Kit with Fiber Fibra Optica Power Meter and Visual Fault Locator and Cable Cutter Stripper FC-6S Fiber Cleaver
    Reliable, Tough, Field Tested. Get top level performance for your customers, at reasonable prices. Fiber Optic VFL's, Power meters, tools and nodes. Reliable, Industry tested and RoHS approved Our Fiber Optic Visual Fault Locators, Optical Power Meters, Toolkits...
FID Optical Fiber Identifier Liver Fiber Detector in Metal Case
1. A laser source of 1310 or 1550nm (frequency 270, 1k or 2Khz) is found on the upper end of a large number of optical fibers. 2. Then at the other end with the optical fiber identification device, in order...
KSh18,100.00 KSh17,990.00
Comptyco AUA-70A optical power meter fiber tester light decay loss test send FC / SC adapter gray / orange - (Color: Gray)
AUA-70A Optical Power Meter:model: AUA-70A   Calibration Wavelength (nm): 800 ~ 1700  Detector type: InGaAs  Measurement Range (dBm): -70, + 10  Wave ID nm: 850/980/1300/1310/1490 / 1550/1625  Connector: FC / SC / ST Interchangeable  Alkaline battery: 2 x AA Alkaline Battery ...
FID Optic Fiber Identifier Live Fiber Optical Identifier 800nm-1700nm SM and MM fiber cable AUA-40
Optical Fiber Identifier is an important tool for optical fiber network maintenance, which is used for nondestructive fiber identification work, can be detect in any location of both SM and MM fiber. Function: *Direction indication of optical signal, for single...
UT33D + Auto Range Digital Multimeter, Palm Size, AC and DC Voltmeter, Resistance Ammeter, Capacity Tester
DIY supplies: electrical.Display type: digital display.Inductance measurement range: none.Operating temperature: 0 to 104.0 ° F.Dimensions: 4.7 x 5.9 x 2.4 in.Measurement resistance range: 200.0 mv-600 V.Measurement capacity range: 2000 Nf-2000 Mf.Operating mode: automatic.AC voltage: 200.0Mv-600V.DC voltage: 200.0Mv-600V.AC current: 200.0Ua-10.00A.DC Current:...
UNI-T UT203 + Digital Clamp Meter, True AC Current RMS HVAC Volt Amp Ohm Meter Clamp on Multimeter, Auto Ranging 4,000 Counts NCV AC DC
Auto ranging and True RMS. UNI-T UT203 + multi-tie rod. NCV detection Relative mode. Zero mode. Versatile for diagnosing industrial electricity, air conditioning, HVAC, automotive, home electrical problems, etc. 6,000 units. Measures AC current (400 A max), AC current frequency (Hz), AC / DC voltage...
KSh6,350.00 KSh6,200.00
UT333 Mini LCD Digital Thermometer Air Temperature & Humidity Sensor Hygrometer
Function Range Resolution Accuracy DescriptionHumidity 0-100.0% RH 0.1% RH ± 5% RH Under normal temperature condition (23 ° C ± 5 ° C) Temeprature -10-60 ° C / 14-140 ° F 0.1 ° C / 0.2 ° F ± 1.0...
AC Voltage Detectors UNI -T UT12B digital voltage tester Test Pen 90V ~ 1000 V Frequency Test Voltmeter
Specifications Range Model UT12A UT12B UT12C AC Voltage (V) 90V ~ 1000 V 90V ~ 1000 V 90V ~ 1000 V Frequency (Hz) 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz Features   Vibration Indication     √(Cancelable) Beeper Indicator √ Cancelable √ Flashing LED...
KSh2,400.00 KSh1,800.00
Digital K/J Thermocouple Thermometer, UT320A UT320D -50??-1300?? Mini Contact Type K/J Type Thermocouple Thermometer with LCD Display C/F Temperature
Product Description   Main Features 1. 1m drop proof 2. 4 times/s sampling rate 3. Maximum/minimum/average 4. Data hold 5. LCD backlight 6. Wide range, high accuracy 7. K/J thermocouple probe selection 8. Auto power off 9. Low battery indication...
Non-contact AC Voltage Detector Indicator Pen Electric Pencil Stick Socket Voltmeter Tester UNI-T UT12D 24V-1000V Plastic CE 1m
Features features:1. Auto power off2. Buzzer3. LED indication4. AC voltagedetection5. High/Low voltagemodeApplications: Low voltage mode: Low-voltage motor (<90V), audio systems, arc welding machines,underground mining lighting, cables with thickinsulation layer and other weakelectromagnetic AC signals. High voltage mode: Urban electric supply...
UNIT-T UT15B Waterproof Voltage Detectors Meters Pen Beeper LED Light Indicator, volatameter AC / DC V Continuity Phase Rotation Tester
UNIT-T UT15B Waterproof Voltage Detectors Meters Pen Beeper LED Light Indicator AC / DC V Continuity Phase Rotation Tester UT15B Waterproof Type Voltage Tester UT15 Series test pen has the functions: AC/DC voltage measurement (include three-phase AC), phase position indication...
UNI-T UT383 Light Meter, Lumens Digital Illuminance Meter 0 ~ 199,900 Lux (0 ~ 18,500 FC) Luxmeter for Film Photography Plants Photometer Illumination
UNI-T UT383 Luxmeter Tester Illuminometer Photometer Mini Digital Light Meters  Product Description   Specifications UT383 Illuminance measurement (LUX) 0~199,900Lux Illuminance measurement (FC) 0~18,500Fc Accuracy 0~9999Lux/0~999Fc: ±(4%+8) ≥10000Lux/≥1000Fc: ±(5%+10) ≥100000Lux/≥9999Fc: ±(5%+10) Resolution 1Lux (0~9999Lux) 10Lux (≥10,000Lux) 100Lux (≥100,000Lux) 1Fc (0~9999Fc); FC=Lux/10.76...
UNI-T UT89XD Professional Digital Multimeter True RMS NCV 20A Current AC DC Voltmeter Capacitance Resistance Tester
UT89XD multimeter 6,000 units. 3 5/6 bit handheld digital multimeter with True RMS sine wave measurement. Performs robust LED tests that detect neutral and live wires. Distinguish between neutral and live wires in a breeze with precision. Measures AC / DC voltage (1000V...
UT353 Decibel Meter Digital Noise Meter Sound Level Meter Decibel Detection Environmental Instruments
UT353 Decibel Meter Digital Noise Meter Sound Level Meter Decibel Detection Environmental Instruments Features: 1. White backlight, clear LCD screen2. Adjustable sampling rate, fast/slow3. 1/2 inch condenser microphone4. Light weight, ergonomic design, user-friendly interface Product Description
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