Fiber Optic FTTH Tool Kit with FC-6S Fiber Cleaver and Optical Power Meter 10km Visual Fault Locator wire stripper, Fiber Toolkit
Package include 1 x AUA-9 Optical Power Meter 1 x 10KM Visual Fault Locator 1 x FC-6S Fiber Cleaver  1 x ML-3 Fiber Optic Stripper 1 x FTTH Wire  Stripper 1 x Fixed length rail 1 x clean paper 1 x...
AUA-70A optical power meter fiber tester light decay loss test send FC / SC adapter gray
The latest AUA-80A ultra thin and light red light source power meter, fine finish, easy to carry, completely replace the test precision power meter and red stylus pen. 2 products this price is equipped with 5 kilometers red light source. Single...
Open cover type 1.5-3.3mm longitudinal beam pipe opener loose tube cable opener peeler sunroof knife splitter, fiber stripper
"The diameter of 3.3mm-1.5mm fiber optic beam tube longitudinal stripping longitudinal Center of pipeline Loose tube stripping tool longitudinal cuttingIntroduction:1. The blade adopts special alloy, sharp edge and smooth edge.2. There are five Stripping Diameter Specifications3. The tool uses the...
High Precision Fiber cleaver AUA-61S Cable Cutting Knife FTTT Fiber Optic Knife Tools cutter Cleavers 16 surface blade
Model: FC-6S.Applicable fibers: single mode or multimode.Fiber Diameter: 4.921 in.Cutting angle: 0.5 degree.Jacket OD: 0.25 and 0.035 in.Provides approximately 36,000 sheets of250 um Coated or 900 um Fiber Buffer.Limit length:10mm - 0.630mm (Single Fiber, 0.010in Sheath).9mm - 6mm (Single Grain,...
FTTH Fiber Optic Tool Kit with Fiber Fibra Optica Power Meter and Visual Fault Locator and Cable Cutter Stripper FC-6S Fiber Cleaver
    Reliable, Tough, Field Tested. Get top level performance for your customers, at reasonable prices. Fiber Optic VFL's, Power meters, tools and nodes. Reliable, Industry tested and RoHS approved Our Fiber Optic Visual Fault Locators, Optical Power Meters, Toolkits...
FID Optic Fiber Identifier Live Fiber Optical Identifier 800nm-1700nm SM and MM fiber cable AUA-40
Optical Fiber Identifier is an important tool for optical fiber network maintenance, which is used for nondestructive fiber identification work, can be detect in any location of both SM and MM fiber. Function: *Direction indication of optical signal, for single...
30km Red light source fiber tester pen 30MW visual fault locator compliant st fc sc Connector, fiber laser pen
Product information : Shellmaterial: aluminum pen typeOutput optical power:> 30Output distance: 30KMWavelength : 650nm 20nm .Fiber Optic Adapter: Universal ConnectorOperating Temperature: 32.0-140.0 ° FStorage Stability: -4.0-158.0 ° FSize: 6890 x 1024 x 1024 in.Product weight: 5.82 ozWorking mode: Continuous wave...
FID Optical Fiber Identifier Liver Fiber Detector in Metal Case
1. A laser source of 1310 or 1550nm (frequency 270, 1k or 2Khz) is found on the upper end of a large number of optical fibers. 2. Then at the other end with the optical fiber identification device, in order...
KSh18,100.00 KSh17,990.00
FC/UPC-LC/APC OTDR Dead Zone Eliminator,Fiber Rings ,Fiber Optic OTDR Launch Cable Box 1km Single Mode 1310/1550nm
Product Description OTDR Launch cable optical fiber jumper box It is mainly used to make up for the blind area of OTDR test. There is no fusion joint in the middle of the optical fiber, which is small in size,...
Comptyco AUA-70A optical power meter fiber tester light decay loss test send FC / SC adapter gray / orange - (Color: Gray)
AUA-70A Optical Power Meter:model: AUA-70A   Calibration Wavelength (nm): 800 ~ 1700  Detector type: InGaAs  Measurement Range (dBm): -70, + 10  Wave ID nm: 850/980/1300/1310/1490 / 1550/1625  Connector: FC / SC / ST Interchangeable  Alkaline battery: 2 x AA Alkaline Battery ...
Visual Fault Locator, Fiber Optic Cable Tester, Red Light Cable Equipment 10mW, 10Km, FC Male to LC Female Adapter for CATV, Fiber Laser Pen
  WHY CHOOSE US? LONG OUTPUT DISTANCE This 30mW visual fault locator with battery output strong red light goes 20-30 kilomters far, high effective power circuits allows for stable power. METAL MATTE PAINT DESIGN It is designed with stainless steel...
KSh1,800.00 KSh1,700.00
Fiber Stripping tool 5G communication Cable Wire Stripper 2.1*1.6mm Fiber Drop Cable Stripping Pliers
Product descriptionDescription:1. Made of zinc alloy steel with PVC anti-slip handle.2. To strip the 250 micron buffer coating to expose 125 micron coated fiber.3. Preset at the factory, no adjustment required.4. All peel surfaces are manufactured to precise tolerances.5. Ensure...
8-28.6MM FTTH armored cable stripper Longitudinal horizontal cable sheath cutter FTTH Armored Fiber Cable Slitter
Product function: 1. The design of tool knife is suitable for multi-core optical cable with sleeve or armored sheath. The main purpose is to cut the armored sheath of the outer layer of the optical cable to obtain the optical...
Single Hole Fiber Optic Stripper for Job Technicians, Electricians and Installers, V-Shaped Opening, Safe Cable Tool, Easily Portable Stripper
Cable Preparation - This wire stripper tool was built to easily remove the shock absorbing coating from cables. Our wire stripper has the ability to strip cables without scratching or damaging the fiber optic cable Wire Stripper - Our wire cutter...
10pcs Ftth Embedded Tele Grade Quick Assembly Connector SC/APC Covered Wire Fiber Optic Connector,APC
Product description The Optical Field Assembly Connectors Precision metallic V-Groove components with co-axial self centering, excellent and durable fixing property. The structure base on unique box-building crimping technology. Preseting the Bending fiber prevent the cable from draging. Integrated protection of...
Optical fiber accessories storage box, Jewelry storage, hardware tools spare parts storage Mini
  Product Size: Plastic containers measure 100 x 70 x 46 mm (L x W x H). Small volume, will not take up too much space, can be placed in a drawer or cupboard Easy to use: individual containers with...
Fiber Optic Equipments - SC/APC-LC/APC Fiber Optic Adapter Conversion Flange Adapter Single Mode SC Male-LC Female
Product description product manual:The male-female adapter adapter uses a pre-embedded fiber and fiber ferrule adapter sleeve technology to convert one type of fiber connector (male) into another fiber connector (male) or one Various types of fiber optic connector interfaces (female)...
Professional Impact 110 Ethernet Punch Down Tool with Enlarged Blade Storage for 110/66 Blades, Impact Terminal Insertion Tools
[Easy to Use] The punch down tool inserts and cuts terminations in one simple operation for CAT5/6,CAT5E/6E Network Cables. Install wires into a telephone socket, CAT5E faceplate or patch panel. [Blade Settings] Twist-lock blade holder allows quick and easy blade...
3M - Singlemode Simplex Fiber Optic Cable (9/125) - LC to SC
About this item Simplex, single fiber, one connector on each end of the cable Standard zip cord jacketing, OFNR Corning fiber and cladding, Singlemode (9/125) APC and/or UPC ends 100% inspected and tested for correct return loss and insertion loss...
3m Single mode jumper S-C/U-P-C-S-C/A-P-C-SM 3mm Fiber Optic Jumper Cable Single Mode Extension Patch Cord Fine workmanship and practical
Feature:1. SC/UPC-SC/APC-SM Singlemode fiber patch cable is specially designed for fast Ethernet, Fiber Channel,perfect for the demands of Fiber Professionals2. The fiber optic jumper is made of environmental friendly PVC material, soft body but wearable.not fade, not broken and not...
SC Patch Cord SC-SC Fiber Jumper,3m SC to SC Duplex Fiber Patch Cord Jumper Cable Single Mode Patch Cord With Low Insertion Loss (≤ 0.18 dB)
Product description Features:Low insertion loss (≤ 0.18 dB) Good performance on mutual inserting and repeatability. Large return loss (PC≥45db UDC≥50db APC≥60db) Good inter-plug performance Excellent temperature stability ( -40 - 80℃) Strong tensile performance, ensure long-time use.Specification:Type: SC-SC Fiber JumperInsertion...
Fiber Optic Splice Protection Shirt Heat Shrink Double Pointed Needle Inner Tube 60mm 50pcs
Clear sleeve make it easy to detect splice before shrinkage; Easily use and avoid any damages to the optical fiber during installation. Suitable for electrical insulation, wire bundling, mechanical protection, wire/cable joints and daily repairs etc. Made of 304 grade...
Fiber Optic Kevlar Scissors Cutter
Product details Product Name Fiber Optic Kevlar Cutter Color Orange Weight 2.8 oz (79 g) Size 5.5 (140 mm) Material High-Carbon Molybdenum & Vanadium Steel HANDLES Ergonomic CUT LENGTH 0.95 (24.13 mm) Original of Place Made in the USA Warranty...
10pcs FTTH Fiber Optic Fast Quick Connector SC UPC Single Mode Fiber Optical SC Fast Connector
Product Features1 Alignment in the inner bore of the ceramic ferrule - high precision alignment2.C-shaped groove takes the palce of V-shaped groove.3.Ceramic has low thermal coefficient of expansion - working temperature is ranging from -40 ℃ to +85 ℃4.Ceramic has...
KSh1,200.00 KSh1,100.00

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